TSP Evolve

A group coaching approach to building a business you love and the profits you deserve through better accountability, leadership, and strategic development.
2X your profits in the next 12 months.




Are you feeling stuck?

Has growth of your company slowed down no matter how hard you grind?  Do you find yourself with little time for your family? Friends? Yourself? Is your company consuming your waking hours and then becoming part of your dreams at night?

I understand because I have been there.


Running an IT Company can be hard.  The needs of your customer can be demanding, and technology always changing. Winning IT Companies need to adapt or perish.

I felt like I spent more time working ‘In’ my business than working “on” my business.  One of the root causes for this is I was not delegating enough responsibility and focusing on the growth and development of my business. I was always busy, but not always focusing on the right things.

I vowed to change the model as it wasn’t scalable.  To regain control of my organization’s destiny and build the company I wanted when I first started.  I assessed my own skill set and determined where I delivered the most value and built a strong team to support the rest. I then began to delegate and truly lead our business.

The results were staggering, our profits began to soar, our team was hitting on all cylinders and I had more freedom both for myself and to explore new opportunities for the company. Oh, and I felt a lot less stress.

If I can do it, so can you.

If you are like me, you want to build a business that you can be proud of, one that can challenge you to keep growing and learning and creates the income you need to live the life you always wanted.  But to get there you must stop the hustle and get strategic in your approach and quit grinding 24/7.

In fact, pure hustle could kill your business. Often, hustle does not lead to success and profit. It leads to frustration and overwhelm.

Does this sound familiar?


If it does, then it’s time for you to transform your approach.  Learn how to become the best leader you can be. So how do you take the first step?

You can take that step by joining TSP Evolve, our exclusive program to helping IT Leaders to regain focus and increase profits.  This program is geared to getting you unstuck and accelerate your business growth.

What’s Included

Private Facebook Group with rapid response to help you get the support, feedback, and answers you need to solve real-life situations.
Weekly email reminder to keep you on track towards your goals.
Initial 1 on 1 Kick-off Call and Accountability plan creation that will define your goals and next action steps.
Bi-Weekly Coaching in a small group setting with no more than 15 other leaders. These sessions focus on the issues you are facing and will include weekly hot seats.
Monthly 1 on 1 call to work on the issues keeping you awake at night and help you build a strategy to move the needle forward.
Private Slack Channel for direct access to me and my team for private or urgent matters.

Your Commitment:

  • You commit to being on the bi-monthly coaching calls.
  • You commit to sending a monthly update on your goals by the 3rd of every month by 2 AM EST.
  • You commit to contributing to the group discussion and help those as they help you.
  • You commit to being open and honest during the program.  It’s okay to have struggles, its a part of growth.
  • You commit to going big and working to reach the next level.
  • You commit to NO EXCUSES



My Commitment to You:

  • I will hold you accountable to do what you say you will do – and by when you say you will do it.
  • I will hold you accountable to being on the bi-monthly coaching calls.
  • I will hold you accountable for reporting your monthly goals by the 3rd of each month at 2 AM EST.
  • I can’t do the work for you, but I will be 100% committed to your success.
  • If you are having issues preventing you from hitting your goals, I will provide honest and open feedback and strategies to help you overcome any blockers.

How does TSP Evolve work?

TSP Evolve is a group of MSP, CSP  & IT Solution Providers that help each other learn, collaborate, and succeed in their business.  Led by our industry expert we group together no more than 15 people to provide both an intimate setting that can allow you have your questions heard, but large enough to provide the insight and accountability required for success.

What are the expectations of me as a member?

As part of TSPEvolve you are expected to arrive each week ready to engage with all tasks assigned completed.

What happens if I miss a session?

No worries, we are in IT, issues present themselves without warning.  We record each call with a viewing link for each member, we do this so you can review and catch up and be ready by the next session.

Can anyone join?

Anyone leading an MSP, CSP or IT Solution Provider organization can apply for membership.  We start with a 30 Minute screening call to identify where you are in your business journey.  We will discuss the challenges that are blocking your growth and determine which of our groups best meets your individual needs.

How big is the group?

Groups will contain no more than 15 members.  We want to ensure each member gets an opportunity to contribute and collaborate and get the tools they need for their individual success.

Is the coaching just bi-weekly meetings?

No, we want our members to stay connected and make our experts accessible between sessions.  With your TSP Evolve membership, we have created a private Facebook group and Slack channel so questions and encouragement can be provided between sessions.  Additionally, we have monthly 1 on 1 calls between you and Brian for your more private needs.

When is payment due?

Payment is due upon enrollment, A 10% discount will be provided for those that pay for the 6-month session in advance. Payments can be made via credit card.

Are refunds available

No, we do not provide refunds. The group is limited and payment guarantees your spot and prohibits someone else from having this coaching opportunity.